Earth Matters Foundation (EMF) is a Non-Profit Organisation, based in Delhi and working towards conservation of natural resources, environment and wildlife conservation, education and awareness generation. EMF believes that through awareness, education and by providing solutions, especially among the youth, people can be inspired and motivated to take action and make change possible. Our programs and projects are aimed at building capacities and empowering people starting from the grass root level, to students, youth, rural communities, urban citizens and policy makers.
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The Return of the Tiger
Why is it important to save the tiger and what is the direct link between saving the tiger and saving ourselves.
‘The Return of the Tiger’ is a campaign for education among the masses - local communities, youth and citizens across the country. The project also aims to create modern day scared groves and livelihood opportunities for people who live around the forests.
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Our Partners
Available Now – DVD’s and Tshirts. Your contribution will help support our campaigns and activities.
Earth Matters Foundation partners with organizations and individuals to help find solutions to relevant environment and conservation issues aiming to work both in rural and urban areas.
Hands For Trees
As our cities grow it is imperative that we keep developing a green cover. This will ensure healthy air for the city, recharge of our ground water reserves, control dust and noise pollution.
Eco Clubs
Through our ongoing environm-ental series ‘Earth Matters’ on Doordarshan, media coverage and online forum activities a large number of Eco clubs have been established across the country.
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